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‘SWE Sounding Board’: These Women’s Work

Have you ever wondered what you will do or what you will become after getting your engineering degree?

Well, I have thought about it a million times. And I never come up with an answer.

After meeting 8,500-plus women engineers under the same roof of WE ’15—all of whom have achieved/are achieving great things in various fields—I have an idea.
I had my doubts when I registered for the conference…

Will I enjoy it?
Will I learn something useful?
Will anyone be interested in networking with me?

The answers to each of those questions was “YES.” It was much more than what I had expected.

I am not an extrovert so talking with several people was strange and difficult, but the ambiance made it quite easy.

The conference had diverse sessions based on leadership, career, cultural awareness, technical innovations, graduate students, etc.

I was intrigued by one of the technical sessions based on “gamification of demand response.” The presentation was done by a utility company that provided electricity to one of the counties in New York and uses games to reduce the electricity consumption of customers in the summer.

It was inspirational to see a panel of women engineers who are successful in both their professional and personal life. It never occurred to me that it was possible for a woman to be a chairperson of an XXX company and also be a mom of four kids. It was amazing what these women have already achieved and what they went through to reach that position.

This conference has provided me with one strong take-home message: As a woman, I can get everything I want if I work hard for it.