Editor’s note: This March, scarves are connecting about 100 University of Dayton women across campus. Each woman will spend a day with the scarf before meeting  another woman and sharing the scarf with her. After this exchange, each woman will reflect on her experience with with the scarf. This post is the tenth of the series.


My time with the scarf made me aware of my relationships with other women. The lovely young girl who had the scarf before me made a quick exchange and we parted ways. I found myself wanting to know more about her. Wishing we had taken more time to talk about why we had chosen to participate, what we expected, and whether or not her experience had been what she had hoped.  I thought too late about how great it would be to invite all of the incredible women in my life to get together to see the scarf and share the experience with me.

Lamenting the lack of connection, I began to notice the women around me.  Watched them hustling to work and class and home; some carrying bags and packages, others with children in tow.  I thought of the feelings they carried with them: power, enthusiasm, fortitude, passion, willpower, pain, suffering, loneliness, responsibility. Many of them tucking those feelings neatly into their bags to keep them out of the way. Some more visible – as if the feelings were flung over their shoulders like a scarf, visible, perhaps begging notice or perhaps so normal that they simply hang there like part of the daily outfit.  After all, it is nothing new to a woman to carry so much and think so little of it.  Now, I am thinking of it…and of them.

-Meredith L.T. Montgomery


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