Editor’s note: This March, scarves are connecting about 100 University of Dayton women across campus. Each woman will spend a day with the scarf before meeting  another woman and sharing the scarf with her. After this exchange, each woman will reflect on her experience with with the scarf. This post is the eighth of the series.

scarvesAs a nurse I have the privilege of being inspired every day, every single day, as I watch the healing unfold within the four walls of my exercise room. As nurses, we celebrate the triumphs and victories, like the last day of chemo or the return to exercise after surgery. We fiercely rally during the really tough moments, all while moving our bodies and connecting mind, body and soul. I am beyond grateful. My patients have allowed me into their lives and have forever changed mine.

On the day I wore my scarf, I saw a visibly shaken man in the hallway of our hospital. He was wet and lost because he had just dropped off his wife at the door for a breast biopsy after a long drive. I introduced myself and asked if it would be alright for me to walk him to the right location. He agreed.

As we walked, he shared her name and that they have been happily married for 32 years. I could see his tension and fear melting a bit as we reached our location and I assured him that his ‘newlywed’ was in good hands. I never had a chance to meet her and I have no idea the outcome of her biopsy, but my thoughts and heart went to them often throughout that 12 hour shift. I thought of the beautiful scarf I was wearing – the women who have come before and the women to come after – transferring all positivity, peace, and strength to that couple as they travel on their journey. It is amazing to me what the power of unity, grace, and love can accomplish. As a daughter, wife, mother, teacher and nurse I celebrate and rejoice in one of my favorite quotes: Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we raise them, may we be them.

-Christine Broomhall


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