Editor’s note: Eight scarves are connecting 87 University of Dayton women. Each woman will spend a day with the scarf before meeting  another woman and sharing the scarf with her. After this exchange, each woman will reflect on her experience during her time with the scarf. This post is the first in a series. 


I don’t own any scarves and have never worn one, so I was nervous about participating in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf. I just hoped to God that when I picked up my scarf, it wouldn’t be something too bold or embarrassing. As it turned out, the scarf was bold—but in a good way. The scarf was beautiful. It was a bold leopard print made of silver, gold, and black thread. I was excited to wear something so different from my normal wardrobe, but I was still nervous despite how pretty the scarf was. I was so afraid of wearing it wrong or looking foolish. I tried tying the scarf into several different knots, but somehow they all turned out looking the same. And no amount of fluffing seemed to be enough. At first, I was really self-conscious about wearing the scarf; I felt out of my comfort zone. However, as the day went by and I caught more glimpses of my reflection, my confidence grew. I began to take pride in how pretty I looked in my scarf, and I walked around campus with a new kind of confidence.



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