Feminism Isn’t a Reality in the American Dream


Would you vote for a woman president?

Of course.

Then, why hasn’t a woman made it to the Oval Office?

On March 30 at 7pm in Sears Recital Hall, as the keynote speakers of Women’s History Month, Dr. Karrin Vasby Anderson and Dr. Kristina Horn Sheeler will speak about what it would take for a woman to be elected.

Vasby Anderson and Horn Sheeler met in doctorate classes at Indiana University, where they researched presidential spouses and women in posititions of executive leadership in terms of communication and popular culture studies.

Their 2013 book “Woman President: Confronting Postfeminist Political Culture,” the focus of their presentation, addresses Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign, labeled “a good year” for women in politics. Vasby Anderson and Horn Sheeler argue that when MSNBC anchors publicly compare Clinton’s voice to a shrill wife and all women in the political sphere must still tryingly deflect gendered attacks, we need to address these issues as ones ingrained in our society.

“If you think that feminism’s work is basically done,” she continued, “and women have what they need to succeed in politics, read this book.”

Vasby Anderson and Horn Sheeler refuse to give prospective female politicians advice (for they aren’t the ones who need it). They will, however, give advice to voters.

“We have the power, as voters, consumers and audience members to demand more from our political and popular culture. In a democracy, it’s the people’s responsibility to engage in and improve politics. Let’s all get to work.”


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