The Inaugural Post.


My name is Amanda Dee.

I am a student. I am a writer.

I am a female:

That’s who I am when I first meet someone. Walk into a classroom. Write my name.

Sometimes, it’s conscious. Sometimes, it’s unconscious. But, my experiences on campus and in life are different from a male’s nonetheless. They could be seemingly harmless assumptions about my favorite colors, TV shows, bands. They could be dangerous assumptions about my value as a human being.  Regardless of their nature, these assumptions surround me and shape me — even if I don’t want them to.

This blog is a platform to speak to these differences. It is not meant to incite controversy, but it is meant to start conversations about issues that might be difficult to talk about. It is meant to give UD women — foreign, domestic, white, black, straight, queer — a chance to express their individual experiences on campus.

We just want you to be heard.


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